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Dan (guitar) is from Chicago, and was influenced by The Beatles, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and Dave Matthews.

Chas (drums) is from San Diego, CA. and was influenced by The Beatles, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, The Who, and The Kinks.

Gogo (bass) is from Huntington Beach, CA. and lists his influences as The Beatles, Cream, Leo Kottke, and Frank Zappa.

We each played in as many bands as we could from an early age. Some bands were better than others and, over time, we got to be better players. We all wanted to play with even better players, and to start playing our own compositions. Eventually we all did that, and set our sights on writing in collaboration with others. This search for a collaborative music making experience is, we're sure, why we came together in 2021.



//  Origin:  San Diego, CA                
//  Genres:  New Classic Rock
//  Years Active:  2021- Present

Short Bio
WeAreJackStrong is a "new classic rock" music trio from of San Diego. Their music is being compared with The Black Keys, Talking Heads, Arctic Monkeys, The Pixies, and 70's Psychedelia, played in a power trio format. The songs are about adult things, like finding out that you might be your biggest obstacle, learning to do hard things, and improving the hand you've been dealt. WeAreJackStrong is clearly dedicated to their music, passionate about connecting with fans, and are known for being easier to work with than any band you know.



Gogo and Chas had been the rhythm section for a popular original music trio in San Diego (The Serenade) that was a victim of the Corona virus pandemic. The members had been scattered to the wind and, as luck would have it, a guitar playing friend from the Memphis Blues Project moved to San Diego and re-connected with Gogo and Chas.

By December 2020, hopes were high that there may be a local live music scene in San Diego once again, so they began writing together to put together just an hour of music that was special. The feeling was, they would know if they had a future if they could work together easily, produce music that meant something to people, and create a demand for their sound. The next few months were writing sessions, rehearsals, and open mic gigs, playing for tips.


The music was based on the contents of an imaginary diary of an imaginary character named Jack Strong, a flinty philosopher born in 1910. The story is that Jack came up the hard way, had more than his share of demons as a result and caused a great deal of trouble for those with whom he came in contact. Eventually he had an epiphany regarding the error of his ways and was overcome with regret. That regret fueled his quest to change his life and find "the right way" to be a person and to be with people. And he documented it all in a series of diaries that chronicles the first 87 years of his life - at least that's how many have been found.


The band came to see that everyone has had a bit of a hard life, caused some unnecessary trouble, and will probably find some regrets and a need to change along the way. Everyone has a bit in common with Jack Strong, and everyone can probably find themselves in the music and be provoked into doing something to make things better from Jack's life of seeking wisdom - We (all of us)  Are Jack Strong! 



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