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WeAreJackStrong -
A Very Special Band in San Diego

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"Colliding Worlds"  Interview

Next Release -  Drops Apr 26

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Chas. "Thunderhoof" Benedict

Percussion / Vox

Gregg "GoGo" Oliver

Bass / Vox

Dan Scott

Guitar / Vox

WeAreJackStrong is a "new classic rock" music trio from of San Diego. Their music is being compared with The Black Keys, Talking Heads, Arctic Monkeys, The Pixies, and 70's Psychedelia, played in a power trio format. The songs are about adult things, like finding out that you might be your biggest obstacle, learning to do hard things, and improving the hand you've been dealt. WeAreJackStrong is clearly dedicated to their music, passionate about connecting with fans, and are known for being easier to work with than any band you know. If the band is new to you, follow this link to the About page

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